Group Psychotherapy

Dr. Angelich has training and experience in group psychotherapy and has developed a particular interest in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in groups while working with combat veterans as a clinical psychologist with the military. Group psychotherapy, similar to individual therapy, helps group members overcome emotional problems and improve overall social and emotional functioning. Psychotherapy groups provide a unique source of support and strength that helps group members to cope with stress and troubling symptoms. For those coping with the aftereffects of trauma, groups are particularly helpful in gaining a sense that one is not suffering alone. The group therapist facilitates the productive process of the group and helps members learn about themselves in an interpersonal context.

Groups are now forming for those who are suffering from PTSD. The first step toward joining a group is an individual meeting with Dr. Angelich to discuss one’s difficulties and determine the appropriateness of group psychotherapy versus other treatments. Once a decision is made to proceed into a group, arrangements are discussed such as meeting times, frequency and fees.